What not to forget when travelling: a mini guide to the essentials to take with you

What not to forget when travelling: a mini-guide to the essentials to take with you

The date of your departure is finally approaching. All that is missing is a full suitcase. Preparing it always requires great care. Knowing about the place you are going to visit is essential, so as not to be surprised by any unforeseen events. But are you sure you packed everything? Start with a simple but very useful list, tick it off and, if any excruciating doubts still haunt you, follow this mini-guide on what never to forget when going on a trip.


Tickets and documents

This is the basic element. If you forget your ticket, you cannot leave. Documents are indispensable to pass the controls, so double-check them.



Always enquire about the official currency in use in your destination. Exchange your currency. You can do this conveniently online. And if you find any local currency in your pockets on your return, don’t worry: with Forexchange you can exchange the remaining money.


The luggage tag

It may seem like an accessory item, but trust us, it is not. The luggage tag saves you in case of loss or accidental mix-up. Finding it will help you recover your personal belongings. Don’t forget it.


The right amount of liquids

The rules concerning liquids that may be carried in the cabin on an aircraft are clear. If you are not familiar with them, it is good to know that only a minimum quantity of liquids is allowed on board and that some are strictly prohibited. Store liquids in transparent bottles of max. 100 ml before departure and you will be sure to get through check-in.


Washbag and Make Up Bag

Your toiletry kit should exclude sharp and potentially dangerous objects, such as scissors or razors. Arrange everything in a transparent cosmetic case, you will need it to save time at checks.



Adapters can easily be bought at the airport. But why spend more when you can remember to buy them in advance and put them in your suitcase when needed? Well, here’s your chance.


Mini first aid kit

The essentials for minor accidents or injuries are something not to be forgotten when travelling. So take plasters, disinfectants and a thermometer. Especially if you regularly take medication, you certainly cannot leave it at home. Take the utmost care.


The essentials

Last recommendation. The essential is invisible to the eyes, says the passage from a famous book. Well, only you know what your essential is and even if it escapes your first glance, try again, see it and do not forget it.


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