Where to find us

Forexchange network: over 70 branches throughout Italy

In over thirty years of activity, Forexchange has created a widespread network of branches capable of responding to your needs and desires in every part of Italy: over 70 branches in city centres, airports, railway stations and at Mcarthurglen outlets, where qualified professionals are always available to provide you with all the services and information you need.

Milano largo Cairoli


Bologna Apt boarding airside

Milano F.S. Box 2

Naples APT Landside Arrivals

Firenze APT Landside Departures

Naples APT Airside Departures

Sorrento Corso Italia

Bologna APT Landside Departures

Palermo Maqueda

Bologna APT Landside Arrivals

Milano Piazza Luigi di Savoia

Venezia Lista di Spagna

Firenze Mercato Nuovo

Roma Colosseo

Milano Linate – Land Side Arrivals

Bergamo Airport Arrivals Landside

Bologna F.S.

Roma Conciliazione

Bergamo Airport Landside Departure

Verona Cappello

Pisa Airport

Firenze S.M.N. Passaggi

Milano Linate – Landside Departures

Firenze Por S.Maria

Firenze S.Maria Novella

Roma Termini V. Central

Pisa Airport Arrivals Luggage

Firenze S.Giovanni

Roma Fiumicino Passaggi

Verona F.S.

Venezia F.S. S.Lucia Box

Torino F.S.

Milano FS Box 4

Roma Ottaviano

Trieste F.S.

Napoli F.S.

Venezia Mestre F.S.

Milano Mercanti

Roma Pantheon

Venezia FS c/o Agenzie 365

Milano Malpensa – Term. 1 Arrivals City Side A

Milano Duomo

Milano Malpensa – Term. 1 Check In 2

Milano Malpensa – Term. 1 Arrivals City Side B2

Venezia Rialto

Roma Gioberti

Roma Termini Passaggi

Milano Malpensa – Term. 1 Partenze Air Side

Milano F.S. Box 3

city centres
railway stations
Mcarthurglen outlets

Not only currency exchange: Forexchange’s range of services has expanded along with its network of branches across the country. Buy travel tickets, sim cards, insurance, experiences and audio guides at our counters in the major cities and transport hubs.

You can find us in 21 city centres, 28 airports, 22 railway stations and 3 Mcarthurglen outlets.
In addition to the agencies in Italy – which carry out 3 million transactions each year – there are branches in the Czech Republic.