Find out where to exchange currency in Palermo

Find out where to exchange currency in Palermo

Changing foreign currency in a city like Palermo is easy. However, you need to know where to go to change money in the fastest, safest and most convenient way. Not all bank counters and exchange agencies, in fact, are the same. Here are some suggestions for carrying out currency exchange operations while saving time and money with a service that can be managed from your home, with zero commission charges.


Step #1: Book currency online

The ideal solution for conveniently exchanging foreign currency before a trip is to do so directly from home by booking online or via a toll-free number. Thanks to Forexchange’s service, you can avoid all the inconveniences of exchanging currency at an agency and save on commission costs: there are no additional charges or agency fees. All you need to do is:

  • Choose from the list of our currencies the one you need;
  • Reserve the currency at least 48 hours before the day of departure. Just leave your name, surname and e-mail address to receive confirmation of your booking and any other communications. In this way, you can order – without paying in advance – the currency you need for your trip directly from home, choosing the banknote denomination and locking in the exchange rate until collection before departure at your nearest counter.


Step #2: Withdraw foreign currency

After booking online, or via the toll-free number 800-305357, you can pick up the currency at one of the 70 Italian agencies in airports, railway stations and city centres throughout the country. Besides the savings, the advantage of exchanging money online with Forexchange is that you can withdraw your money when and where it suits you. This is also possible in Palermo.


Where to exchange currency in Palermo?

Thanks to an extensive network of currency exchange counters and agencies, Forexchange offers the possibility to exchange currency throughout the country at railway stations, ports and airports. Currency can also be conveniently exchanged in Palermo at the following counter:

  • Palermo Amari Agency – The agency is located in the city centre: the address is via Amari 125, 800 metres from the port and behind the Politeama Theatre. The branch is open Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm; it is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Now that you know how and where to exchange currency in Palermo, take advantage of the benefits offered by Forexchange.